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5 things that globally,women hate most about men…guess number three.

Men always have some behaviors that tend to put women off. It could be just a friend or even your partner that has some behaviors that tend not to ogre well with you. I am hundred percent that if any woman gets asked what they hate most about their guy friends or partners they would have an endless list. We get annoyed but we cannot tell. Here are some of the things that women hate about men.

A man that is disrespectful

Every woman craves a man that adores them enough to respect them. A man that lacks respect is a turn off and can at times make a woman leave. A man that even when before his friends and you as well will boldly check out another woman’s ass without shame or when you two are talking or making decisions about something he will always expect you to stick to his side and if not he turns out to be violent, that’s a man that lacks an ounce of respect for you and that can only tell you one thing to walk, walk and never look back.

Too persistent guys

Have you ever met a guy who takes no for an answer? If you haven’t then you are lucky girl. That’s a walking nightmare. These men can just bore you to death. They think being super persistent makes them look like go getters but they in turn become very annoying. It’s sad I just hope they will come and realize that persistence is sometimes intolerable.

A non-motivated man

Trust me I think this is the worst trait a man can have. The lack of any kind of drive. These are the type of men that will do nothing about their lives. In short they have no goals, no vision, they even lack the energy to stretch their legs. These are the lazy kind of men. It is quite annoying and a turn off to any woman who is business oriented and who is always willing to take risks. I know that people are different and that not all men always have that drive. But give me a break do I now have to excuse a man who does nothing but sit down scrolling down the remote in the name of we are all different. That’s pure crap and bulls**t.  Baby girl you meet this kind of a man, I would suggest you either help them better themselves by being better man or simply just walk out.

A stingy man

Let’s talk about those men that never have money at any point of their lives. You can go out on a date and he suddenly comes up with some stupid lame excuse that he left his wallet in the house or something close to that. These kind of men will always not have the money to do anything. Most of the times they will always expect the women in their lives to always be the ones to buy gifts and even pay date bills but not the other way round. These stingy men can be dangerous.

A dirty man

Every walked in a house and it resembles a dumpster or you either get in the kitchen and the sink is stinking of dirty 3-days dishes, a cooking gas that has been literally painted by the different types of stew that he has been cooking for the past one week or take for instance a dirty washroom that has not seen a scrub for more than two months. Darling, these kind of men exist if you haven’t met them then you are one lucky sister. Men are supposed to resemble kings. People that have class, the style, confidence and most of all exemplify tidiness. But what happens when they are the utter opposite? A man that cannot keep themselves clean is just a complete disgrace to the male breed.


We all have our traits that can be excused but others just can’t at all. At times men are not always aware of these little stupid things they do and mostly it is out of ignorance. Just check yourself, be sure not to lose a gem due to ignorance.

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Lilian musyoki

She has a background in Business & Info-Technology, CFO at Tsavo Media Group,and a pro-Chef on the sidelines. She's passionate about Girl-Child empowerment and is an aspiring inspirational speaker, motivated by daily life experiences and dreams of a better world where everyone can realize their potential to the maximum.

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