5 things to make your woman love you more in 2019.

So many words have been spoken on what turns off who that I decided it was time I countered the argument and say what is it that attracts a lady to a man. Lemme, start by saying this is not only from a personal perspective but also from a bit of research and the conclusion is however what matters. Straight talk, some of y’all need to grow some balls and stop acting like boys and instead act like men who know what they want.

Men keep looking and saying they cannot find a perfect girl for them, that is because you are looking for that exactly, a girl. Think of looking for a woman, a lady, someone with her own identity and thoughts, a person who can look you straight in the eye and tell you things as they are. A woman is someone with integrity and passion, as well as, opinions. Don’t look for a girl and expect to find a woman in her, it cannot be so. You keep comparing, the world today has a narrative where you expect women to date you cause you have the money, you stupid, sorry no insult intended, but if she is only there cuz your pocket is loaded then she has some growing up to do, I guess.

So here are the things that will help you attract the right kind of woman, FYI, I said woman and not girl. I mean a woman you can build a future with, one who can be the mother of your kids, someone to take home to mama, someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with. That is what I am talking about, not a couple of butt n***d s*x.


Loyalty is the new catch in town and if you can’t be loyal get out. Women are looking for people they can count on, and only loyal people fit the bill. If you ain’t loyal how will she depend on you, how will she know that you got her back? The weird thing is loyalty and honesty go hand in hand. The loyalty of a man is the ultimate test of a relationship. A loyal man is guaranteed to find a woman who will treasure it as real women value loyalty.  The one thing that you tend to forget is a dishonest man is definitely disloyal too so you do not expect us to believe that a dishonest man can be loyal.


There are these men who are absolutely hardworking, who want the best out of life and work hard to achieve it, there is something about that kind of man. That is a man a lady can place her future on because she knows if her efforts and his are combined then they are a force to be reckoned with. An ambitious and hardworking man simply means that he may not be where he aspires to be, but is working towards it, he is not letting life pass him by. This is a man who will push his woman to be the very best version of herself, and will expect the same of her. Nowadays women are no longer looking for just relationships, they are looking for partnerships, where they can grow as they help their men grow. If he is already accomplished by his own merit, it’s a matter of never slacking to ensure their kids will go to good schools and they will have a good life even when the mother is not around.


There is nothing more attractive than a man who respects his woman. A man who will not work to put her down but instead will do anything to lift her up. It does not matter in what sense, a woman expects her man to be respectful both in public and private. She expects the man to listen and acknowledge her before people and at home because her opinion matters and her voice should be heard. It is highly disgusting when a man meets you and sexualizes a woman in the first few minutes of the conversation, and that shows disrespect of the highest manner. Treat a lady with respect and decorum, and you are bound to get praises from her when she leaves. Be sure that if you treat a woman who knows her worth respectfully she will walk away smiling and the probability of her calling you is quite high, do the opposite, and she won’t even pick your call ever. Respect is earned and treating a woman with respect earns you some points hence she begins to respect you too.

Caring and loving

A loving and caring trait is a plus to any man. If one truly loves and cares for you then it won’t be hard to discover it, the actions and how the person cares about you matters and will tell it all. To care and love someone simply means that you will be there even at their lowest and lift them up. It means to have a person the woman can rely on and a person who relies on her. To have a partner that you can say anything without fear of being intimidated or sold out. It is to have someone you can laugh and cry with. Loving and caring for someone entails so much that I think I could write forever, so feel it with your own words from your own translation.


An attentive man is a good man, someone who pays attention to his woman knows her needs, and one who will realize if something is amiss. It is important if a man can make time for his woman in a way that he will not give up their time to his buddies. Am not saying no bro-time rather there should also be bae-time and bro-time, and bae-time is not bro-time. Your woman should always come first, if you expect her to stay with you, because if she is the second-priority then you lose her. Remember “mafisi ni wengi…” and they are ready to give her the attention you deprive her of. No one knows the worth of what they have until they lose it to someone else.

Women are generally very simple to understand, you just never take the time to do that. Treat us right, be there, be loyal and honest, and a woman will never walk away. We are the easiest creatures to deal with,just a little loyalty, and attention pampering and will be there for you. Drop all the misconceptions you have, find a real woman, and treat her right, then tell me about it.

FYI, these words are for both genders, its a two-way go, women should also strive to acquire the same values if they expect the man to do the same. It takes TWO to TANGO.


An afro-damsel addicted to books and literature. Lead content creator and Assisting Editor at Tsavo Media Group. A free thinker ready to pen different viewpoints on contemporary issues and exiting ideas generally speaking.

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