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A letter to ladies: what you do that turns-off a man

                 More often than not, numerous posts on what men do that turn off the women in our society make rounds over the internet that it eclipses the fact that men do find some things done by women to be repulsive too. Let it not slide that men also are human beings and its customary for humans to have feelings, likes and dislikes, preferences and turn-offs. There are a countless number of turn-offs women give off on which men pick up on so let me break them down to what I feel makes the top five.


Men value loyalty and confidentiality. Some women are clueless about that fact. Men don’t appreciate it if you go to air out our dirty laundry in public or to your friends on sensitive subjects for instance, bedroom matters. This may discourage a man from doing more sharing with his woman in the future and hence leads to him losing trust in his lady. Things discussed in private need to stay in private, as intended.

Bad hygiene

Not only does a dirty woman turn off any man, but she also turns off all other creatures including her pet-cat! Nothing spells disaster as a woman with bad breath, unkempt hair, dirty clothes on and a care-free disposition in matters pertaining to good hygiene. Such a woman will be a bad role model for her children, will leave them vulnerable to disease attacks and have them lead unhealthy lives. For women maintaining good hygiene should be like taking water, shouldn’t seem like a chore and those women who think differently have very little ‘men-traffic’ at their doorsteps!


We all know that lady who talks ill about people on a regular basis like she’s Missus Perfect. She who bad-mouthes her friends, other women and men around her vicinity is a toxic individual who exudes negative vibes 24-7 and since humans are social beings, vibe|mood is infectious so you will catch her flu of negativity if you hang around such. Men treat such women like a plague and so do her fellow women for they can easily poison one’s mind against another. If you are a lady out there and you don’t want to attract or & keep a man, don’t show kindness and compassion to others and keep being mean and they’ll know that you won’t treat them any differently and for sure  stay clear you.


A woman mad at the boyfriend.

A passive-aggressive person is the kind of person you might wrong, and instead they let you know of where you messed up, they wage a cold war against you. Such a person has a tendency to engage in the indirect expression of hostility through acts such as subtle insults, deliberate failure to deliver on assigned tasks etc. So you wrong your woman, and she decides to avoid meaningful conversation, sabotage you on a project you working on currently, withhold on intimacy, badmouth you to her inner circle..all these in the name of getting even. This is the father of all turn-offs to us as men. If you have a problem with me, let’s sit down talk it out and see a way to straighten things out in a mindful manner.

Assorted bad-habits

I lied about outlining just five specific things that turn off men that some women are responsible for. A plethora of these habits plagues the existence of the male gender in the human species to the fact that I have taken it personally to briefly state what I left out. Women who bring up past issues during an argument, ones who issue out ultimatums to men to have whatever they want to be enforced, ones who try to ‘one-up’ him on every situation like they in a competition of sort, ones who have crazy unrealistic demands of their male counterparts, ones who try to establish unending supremacy or dominion over their men, those who nag overly or even those who are bad listeners and supporters of their partners spell the word ‘T.u.r.n- o.f.f’ for men globally!

Toni Mali

He is a a senior content developer at Tsavo Media Group, a writer inspired by life at large and cool vibes. He is equally a key travel and destinations reviwer.

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