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On 4th Feb, the UK NGO by the name VSO had a moment with the governor of Taita Taveta during their official launch which sealed the NGO’S official operation within the county

VSO Jitolee Organization began as a British organization that was mainly sending volunteers from UK to developing nations to offer business expertise to the citizens of the targeted countries, but now it has changed that approach as it also recruits and vet youths from developing countries and take them to UK so that they cans also share their experiences and knowledge with their colleagues in UK

The meeting started around 9am at the Biashara center.

His excellency addressing a section of members in attendance


Officers of the center lead by JAMES NDUNG’U gave various opening remarks before Mrs. JAMES NDUNGU welcomed the director of TRADE AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS, Mr. Richard kibengo who later invited the CS Madam Flora Mtweta.
In her address she said that this was indeed a move worth supporting and promise a collaboration between VSO and her docket since both more or less had a special focus on the tackling the youth , women and the disabled’s issues.
On the other side of the Divide, Various VSO officials gave shared their thoughts on the partnership as well as their expectations
The CEO of VSO, Mr. BEN NGUTU, in his address noted the importance of pro- active involvement by the youth in community affairs voluntarily as a means of personal development.
‘‘The main objective of this programme is to sharpen entrepreneurial skills of young business people. We have brought on board youths from various backgrounds to share their knowledge with each other and the community at large. This is also a platform of building individuals who have global exposure,’’ he said.
Later on the CS, Flora Mtweta, welcome the county governor- HE- Eng. JOHN MRUTTU to give his remarks.
The photo sesion

Besides praising the beauty of Taita Taveta and the vibrant tourism sector, the governor also highlighted the some of the sector that lagged behind and needed an urgent improvement.

A case was given on the various productions within the county especial in the craft sector which he urged that the creators or developers needed to improve on variations , intensify their marketing and capitalize on the fact that VOI is a transit town that receives lots of visitors and passers-by on a daily basis

Youth Consultant Mr. James Ndung’u giving the vote of thanks

The governor gave various insights on the available sources of funds availed by the county and categorically pointed out that Money is not an issue; and that it is proper use that has been the issue for various youth group and women groups’ applicants.  For that reason, he joined the CS and Director in acknowledging VSO and the right that the partnership came by to offer entrepreneurial skills to business people especially those who have benefitted from the DATU-SAWAZISHA loans.

 Watch part of the speech HERE

The meeting culminated with JAMES NDUNG’U giving the vote of thanks before a final photo shoot session courtesy of

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