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Corrupt Kenya and the Wild West

It’s a good day where I  am obviously that’s why I am with my pen and paper.I am watching a movie dubbed A million ways to die in the west as I sip from my cup of coffee’ it’s a great movie,  a comedy, in fact my all-time favorite. It tells of how the west was before Abraham Lincoln came to power, he was a great man, a man Kenya might need as a president.

The social life of the American people back then was quite the same with the life we are living now in our country. The richer the luckier, telling a joke was never hard, a joke from the rich could send the whole village into laughter, most were lame though. They had the most beautiful  girls, they made owning a mustache a thing of the rich just as it is to owning land in Kenya. The ladies played along, as they rolled with the best shooters or the guys who owned a mustache ( the rich signature). Imagine this, there was a song praising the pride that comes with owning a mustache. Having a beard allowed you passage through any door unquestioned, people died on a daily basis.

Many people grew too familiar with dead bodies just as we are used to grand corruption case. They don’t shock us any more, that familiarity is what killed them, most were living to die. The people forgot to live, they resorted to hate and blame games, the poor blame the rich and the rich man hated the poor man. These acts closed their eyes and their borders shut prosperity from them. They had agricultural produce which those from the upper class could transport because they had the means, but lo! No one could see the opportunity that could empower their community financially.

Everyone is in need, this is regardless to their positions in life, I think maybe the divide caused by the riches God gave us in collaboration with our politicians is what’s killing us. Perhaps that’s why voting is still a tribal affair soaked in “mtu wetu” madness. Take a good look at the things uniting us, most are negative, from alcohol to court cases to “mtu wetu” politics. Positivity just repels us, any positive comment directed to a Kenyan will most likely be translated negatively, most will think you are either jealous or you want a favour from them.

I can’t blame anyone with such a mindset cause our society has taught us just that. This is a representation of the Kenyan community, positive isn’t normal, our normal is violence, theft, dirty politics, expulsions (to students), in fact the coolest kids were the ones being expelled or suspended, we talked about it like we were supposed to talk about the A grades, a perfect reflection to what we take to the ballot box. We go for the most corrupt leaders, terming the honest ones as too soft to run this great country.

We pay for our arrogance by day, the people we’ve been electing to govern our resources are stealing mercilessly. Sometimes the amount of money being stolen makes me think they have an idea of the world coming to an end and they are not telling us. Otherwise how else can you explain someone stealing NHIF funds, another quoting the price of an aluminum spoon at 5k, ooh oh and I hear they now want their house and health allowances to cover their “mpangos” too, WHAT!

Look at the motions that pass within one sitting, most are about pay rise, the motions that concern the well being of the society are either always postponed if not dropped. They pass a bill to impose an 8% VAT on petroleum products then our Mps come to us saying “tulifungiwa nje,” seriously are we kids? But there is a good breed of these people, a breed that in conjunction with the media can change the narrative, it won’t be a journey on a flat road’, but it’ll be a journey worth the sweat. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, its dim but it’s getting brighter by day, join me on a journey to get back our society.

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