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Covid-19 Poetry 101; Alfred Brian

It began in the state of China
Right in the city of Wuhan
Thought to be just minor
For it was unknown

Fast among people spread
Showing how deadly it was
Doctors, scientists took the lead
To combat it for all its woes
COVID 19 it was named
To remember the year it began
Deadly and dangerous it was famed
For the damage in the world, it had done.

Studies on it were carried
And measures about it given
The entire globe became worried
Making all states even
No richer, no poor state
In all, similar measures were taken
No country dared hesitate
The globe finally awaken.

Affected most was the socialism
Leading to tough times, economic
Hitting everyone in their realism
It surely was a global pandemic.

WHO have many recommendations
Scientists working hard for its vaccine
Self-hygiene and sanitation among people of all nations
Sparing not the issue of quarantine
It was now a global menace
Forcing governments to put people in time curfew
Many had suffered living no secure place
We are all in this together, its not just the few
COVID 19 is not China virus as some called it
It is a global pandemic affecting those in it.

It is my duty it is your duty
Maintain social distancing
Sanitize regularly
It is for our safety, don’t say governments are forcing
For by ignorance, we’ll suffer dearly.
#Stay Safe #Stay Home #For Each Life Matters.



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Alfred Brian

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