Director Nyamu & Executive Promoter Pascal Junior need to salvage Rosewood’s reputation. The Earlier the Better!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here is no doubt that The Rosewood Hotel and Grill is voi’s ultimate entertainment Joint. With an unbeatable record in regional entertainment with some of Kenya’s A list musicians having Graced the Grounds over the years.

The Director, and owner, a famous business mogul within Voi town, Mr. Patrick Nyamu and his dedicated team have strived impressively to light up the showbiz literally. The Contribution of the entire club collaboratively with some leading promoters, has spiced up the scene in innumerable ways that definitely deserve a thumbs up.

Rosewood Hotel & Grill, VOI

Executive promoter, Pascal Junior, has been the backbone of organization and invitation of the A-List artistes who’ve performed on Rosewood’s iconic stage. Khaligraph Jones, Octopizzo, Timmy T-dat, Kush Tracy, Sudi Boy, Ray C, Mercy Masika are just but a few mentions among other big names in different genre of music.

Ideally, organization of such concerts into successful events, indeed takes lots of resources, setting up, planning, lots of mental pressure, high risks and of course lots of cash expense… to the tunes of hundreds of thousands.

Timmy Tdat. Ray C . Khaligraph previously hosted by Rosewood Hotel & Grill.

However, considering the consistency with which Mr. Patrick Naymu, Executive promoter, Pascal Junior, Manager David Matasa,  and the entire Team at Rosewood have entertained the town and It’s people since establishment in 2014 to date,  it is suffice to say, they have mastered the entertainment trade and in turn gained monopoly of show business in voi today’

[epq-quote align=”align-left”]’It is suffice to say, they have mastered the entertainment trade and in turn gained ‘monopoly of show business in voi today’[/epq-quote]

Despite raking in considerable profits as a result, the greatest return on such heavy investment in the entertainment scene locally, has never been the money and should never be. Instead it has been the…CUSTOMER LOYALTY & HUGE FANS FOLLOWING …especially on matters entertainment and hospitality… the thousands who’ve always stayed alert even for the slightest rumor of an event in the planning stage, …the thousands of fans who’ve always believed in every event poster by Rosewood…..the thousands of turn up disciples who’ve showed up for any event at the Rosewood Grounds and most importantly… The thousands that have always believed Rosewood is ‘the pride of Voi.

Is this about to Change?

Yes It Could!

Something needs to be done.

And fast it should!

The Event that was to be!



Following Aslay’s Kenya Tour, Antidote Entertainment and Rosewood Collaboratively secured a booking to host One of Bongo Flava’s Legendry Voices, Aslay, who has definitely amassed fans allover East Africa since the early days as a prodigy with hit’s like ‘Naenda Kusema Kwa mama’  to some of the latest hits like ‘Totoa’

Of course with such a big industry name why would loyal local fans doubt a show if organized by Rosewood? The ASLAY EXTRAVAGANZA wouldn’t be any different. There was a great turn of Hundreds if not 1000+, with charges of 500 and 1000 for Regular and VIP. With huge expectations! As huge as their infinix, oppo and tecno camon phones, ready for selfies with the Bongo SuperStar!

In summary, despite the above. There was no music show! No music Curtain Raisers, No surprise guest artiste, No Mario, No Baraka De Prince, …….and No…ASS-lay..….(hata sitaki kusema)…. “if you know you know!”



Great Job However by The DJs, Papi, Jack, Jade, Krepta, MCs…Musambati and 006 finest Marox! (Akili mbaya, Roho Safi). You did what you could to keep it live. Despite …’NO SHOW’. We hope you got rewards and allowances for that critical hype that the fans rode on, all night long.

Resident DJs & Hype Masters.

Not forgetting The Great set up, lighting, stage and the sassy, curvy waitresses in Yellow, especially the one with lit shoes. Her curves were lit too! (Pascal send her this link). Don’t Forget Team on Set!

The above praise definitely excludes some annoying, bouncers with brains tucked in their muscles. (Some! No disrespect)


Rosewood Entertainment’s Engine; Executive Promoter, Pascal Junior posing with WCB’s Harmonize.

On the other side however, According to some of the evidence presented by the organizers, the intention was great, the bookings were confirmed, and the transactions were made but because of unavoidable circumstances voi’s turn up disciples wouldn’t get the awaited once in a lifetime experience.

A screenshot of the T & Cs involved!


Were organizers aware there would be no show? And at what point? Did they have false hope of the event? Was it too late to cancel? Was it a business decision to go ahead and deliberately charge despite knowledge in advance?


Regardless, Rosewood Hotel & Grill, officially has a public debt! That they need to pay!


P.S. Hata Kama Rosewood itaruhusu mafans wako Na ticko waswim for free ama mafans wale chipo for 1 week. Ama Mr. Nyamu Na Pascal watoe collabo remix ya “hiyo ni krimino” or else a good chunk of the public will see them as criminals.

God Forbid!

Regardless the entire management needs to look into salvaging their reputation as individuals as well as collectively as an organization! If Rosewood Hotel Grill wants to remain the undisputable Pride of VOI.


The founder, Creative Force and Chief Editor of Voi Business Network and at large the C E O of Tsavo Media Group. A creative, an avid reader, passionate marketer with lots of interest in media, tech and Entrepreneurship.

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