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Formal Education, overrated, overvalued or misunderstood?

Let’s take a break from the Otile Sidika hogwash and dive into the currently trending KCPE 2018 RESULTS which came faster than Otile (according to Vera). Media houses have splashed bulletins and front pages with photos and videos of top students, their parents and teachers in celebration for work well done. Let me take this chance to also congratulate all those who passed their KCPE exams.

A celebration of academic excellence. PHOTO:COURTESY

So what about the 574, 927 kids who scored below 300 marks? What does this society think of them? Do we have plans for then or they are now the black sheep of society? I have serious issues the Kenyan education system. The society today is so grade/marks oriented and throws overall child development into the bins. We are so quick to publish and announce results and forget to highlight the poor state of education this kids have been put through. From roofless classrooms, learning under trees, poorly paid teachers and generally lack of content in the entire syllabus from kindergarten to university level. Worst still, poor kids who scored well will not find their way into the schools of their dreams while underperformed rich will quickly fill the slots.

Education seems overrated because what we expect from it is greater than what we actually receive. Some people say that those who enjoyed education turned out to be better in the future, have higher income, better lifestyle… etc. However, if the sore benefit other sees from education is to earn money in the future, then, how do you expect the education will get any better? I believe the purpose of education is to prepare students to face the world on their own, teach them how to be strong, determined, and thoughtful and wise…… People always say that wisdom comes with age, but I believe it is because the schools never taught the students what wisdom really is. They never give students what they really need, instead, schools waste the most precious time in one’s whole life, schools filled it with worthless knowledge that could be easily obtained in any time of life, schools filled student’s most important time with things that adults thing is good for students but instead, have they really know what the students really want? Does every parent truly understand what their children are thinking? Do the teachers know what their students are best at? Do the government really care about education, or are they just use it as a tool for brainwash? What about the footballer? Musician? Artiste? Comedian?

DESPERATION: A graduate’s improvised way of job seeking today. PHOTO:COURTESY.


Now let’s talk about availability of jobs. How many people have been churned out of tertiary institutions for say, the last five years? How many have actually found value for their time and money spent pursuing excellence for 20yrs plus?  The society should know that there is plenty of valuable and important work out there that doesn’t require excellence in formal education. Technical jobs like welder, electrician, carpenter and plumber do not require admission into STAREHE BOYS centre and bachelor’s degree.

Aaaaah, before I forget, what is that 45yr old man who scored 45 marks out of the possible 500 doing in school? SMH! What are his future goals?

Honestly, in my opinion, education is Overrated, or probably the Kenyan system and society is f**ked up, misinformed or both! All the same, Opinion is relative. Feel free to share yours!!

Ivan Nyamari

He is a content creator doubling up us a writer and photographer, with lots of interest in governance, socio political affairs, music and the creative industry at large.

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