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Governor Granton Samboja shares Christmas with county widows.

Hundreds of widows of the Taita sub-county were invited to the governor’s residence at Mwakishimba where they celebrated Christmas in style. The women were ecstatic to be invited and praised the governor for his generosity.

Widows of Taita Sub-county who attended Christmas at the governor’s residence

One of the widows invited for the event said, “Some of us have been chased away by our families after our husbands passed away. We’re not wanted in the family as the society discriminates against widows. We’re happy to share this moment with you Governor.”

 The governor expressed his wish to spend the Christmas season with widows from all the sub counties and share with them wholeheartedly. He further explained that he would try to help tem lead better lives for he understood their plight. The governor encouraged the widows to form groups that will help them empower each other.

“I hold widows close to my heart for I understand their suffering. Majority of them are facing a lot of rejection from their families and the society,” explained the county boss.

The widows being served at the governors residence by the First lady, Mama 006.

The governor went head to promise that he would build a house for a widow who was recently thrown out of her own home weeks after her husband died in a road accident. He also promised to sponsor her two girls who had passed their KCPE examinations.

  He urged all the children going to schools and colleges to apply for bursaries and the county education loan. He expressed his concern that the number of people complaining that they missed out on the loans actually never applied. He urged students to apply for the loans in large numbers.

Hope Wawuda, the treasure of Taita Taveta County Widows Association, informed those present that they had registered close to 4000 members and plans were underway to recruit even more members.


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