Hits of the week – You have not heard no. 2

The past few days have seen the release of some explosive hits in the country and I have to confess the music industry is getting hot. Our artists continue to grow tremendously as they not only improve vocally but lyrically as well. There are legends in the game who have been known to release hit after hit but there are also upcoming artists who have proven their prowess with each hit they release. They bring out the idea that we are growing musically as a country and sooner rather than later we will be at par with the rest of the world. So who has been hitting the wave line this week check them out…

Balance –Nyashinski

So there is Balance, I know, its Nyashinski but man can the guy release a hit. It has been a while since he drove the music world with a hit but now I cannot get enough of the lyrics of this new song. It is the kind of song you want to listen to on loop until you get every lyric right. The beats ow damn, and can I just say I love how he starts the song. It is absolutely amazing. Then comes the first line million dollar dreams, Za kuishi kwa million dollar cribs, eeeish, I mean is that not what most youths dream about.  The song is a reflection of life today, in the fake it till you make it tenure. Well Nyash knows his got it and there is undying love for his songs. The vocals he just released on this song speak volumes and of course his lyrics say a lot on different levels and I hope you are just as hooked as I am on this sensational and phenomenal song.

Gilad & Naiboi -Nisamehe

So it’s Gilad again with a great collaboration with Naiboi. This is the song definitely, Nisamehe is the bane of my soul this week. The apology given lyrically is amazing, I mean, I too would forgive you if it came in that form. The lyric flow is up-beat, the beat completely amazing and then there is the blend of Gilad and Naiboi’s vocals and I am not leaving this space. Gilad is known for some sensational music that has always been well received and he has not disappointed us yet. It’s a big-up to the duo for this great hit.


Nadia Mukami -Ikamate hiyo

The vivacious Nadia Mukami is back with a hit like no other, the romance song is definitely one to talk about I mean, ni tamu kama embe dodo, that coastal sound, damn. The just released hit is a great one that you ought to listen to. The song is absolutely amazing with Nadia starting off with her killer vocals and girl got some moves. She definitely knows what she is doing because she has a way of commanding attention with her voice and those moves. The song is definitely a banger.


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