Inaugural IBD Zoom workshop set for 29th May,2020

Impact Borderless Digital invites you to the Inaugural Zoom Forum on 29th May 2020 from 1100H EAT.

“COVID-19 has been a disruptive, distractive, destructive, and distancing disease. Riding the wave of the Digital Transformation, we can together disrupt business as usual to turn the crisis into a new normal of progressive and borderless work culture,” – Nashon Adero, Founder, IBD.

Come May 29, 2020, Impact Borderless Digital (IBD) will hold a Zoom workshop facilitated by the Founder, Nashon Adero. It will be co-facilitated by Sote Hub Manager, Harry Mwailengo. This virtual event follows the pre-COVID-19 face-to-face Youth Talent and Career Fairs IBD held across six Kenyan counties, the latest being the overwhelmingly attended seminar at the Desert Rose Hotel, Voi-Kenya, held on February 22, 2020. The inaugral IBD nationwide TV broadcast series, Talanta Talks, was also aired live on January 30, 2020.


The IBD speakers will share on Borderless Learning Resources, the Digital Economy, Digital Fluency, and Global Citizenship. Join an interactive session with a progressive international audience of students, young professionals and scholars drawn from Africa, Europe, Americas, Asia and the Pacific, among others.

About Nashon Adero

Nashon Adero

Nashon was featured the Personality of the Week on 17th January 2020 by the Nation Media Group, publisher of Africa’s leading daily.

He is a youth mentor, a thought leader and speaker with international exposure, and a lecturer at Taita Taveta University, Kenya. Leveraging his thought leadership and mentorship skills is his membership in key expert groups such as the System Dynamics Society (SDS), The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship (FORCE11), and Elsevier Researcher Academy.

Nashon Adero is professionally a geospatial expert who graduated from the University of Nairobi’s School of Engineering and later studied Resources Engineering and Mine Surveying in Germany at MSc (Karlsruhe) and PhD (Freiberg) levels, respectively. Nashon has undergone mentorship and public policy training and research at the Kenya School of Government and the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA). He is a regular columnist on matters of education and skills development for The African Executive, a weekly think tank bulletin.

About Harry Mwailengo

Harry Mwailengo

Besides being an Obama Foundation Fellow, Harry is an African Change Maker Fellow and an Ashoka Fellow.

He is a Co-Founder & Director of Coast Youth for Change, serving as the Manager of Sote HUB that continues to spearhead, inculcate and incubate an innovation culture among the youth.

 A confident, affable, and experienced community development worker with a special interest in the issues affecting rural communities, he has achieved success in getting communities involved in impactful and life-changing activities. He is an adept mobilizer and community event organizer, working with community leaders to change lives. Harry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies.

 He focuses on Community Development and Social Work. Harry is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Development Studies.

About the Secretariat

The Tsavo Media Group CEO and Chief Editor of, Mr.job, will handle all media and publicity affairs. Ms. Khadija Omar and her fellow finalist MSc. Mining DAAD scholars at Taita Taveta University, Mr. Dickson Wachira and Mr. Emmanuel Kiamba will assist with moderation. They are part of the IBD mentees and Youth Secretariat.


Youth are encouraged to sign up for this free virtual impact workshop to benefit from the topical items of the day and ask questions. Tune in for subsequent series of talent talks, mentorship sessions, and targeted inspirational contents courtesy of Impact Borderless Digital (IBD).


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 745 8214 1333
Password: 7WYTKy

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