KCB Voi sensitizes regional groups on Chama solutions

Today, the 7th of August, 2019, KCB bank in conjunction with the county department of Trade, held an interactive training conference at the Desert rose hotel on matters to do with Chamas, Saccos, group investments, and banking. The event was graced by the CECM Trade, Youth, Sports, and Culture Hon. Bigvai Mwailemi. Hosting the program, was the KCB bank manager Mr. Antony Tumuti and a section of the KCB, Voi staff.

The Facilitators shared on key matters regarding investments, especially in chamas and saccos. She mentioned some of the stages people undergo once a group is formed which included, the forming stage, storming stage, norming stage, performing stage, adjourning stage. The urged groups/people to ensure they surpass the storming stage since it is the stage where conflicts begin and most groups fail.

Additionally, they touched on factors that influence success or failure of groups, group management, group constitution, group rules and chama investments (investment vehicles) at large.

An ongoing session at the event

One of the speakers explained the various KCB products that are available to members of a chama; he touched on the Tuungane current account which is an investment group account and KCB Mobi Chama which is more like the table banking but on the mobile platform. (For more information, please pay a visit to the KCB branch Voi opposite Barclays Bank.)

County CECM, Waziri Bigvai in his brief speech thanked all members of the public who availed themselves for the exercise. He urged everyone present to adhere to what they are taught in such pieces of training and for leaders to ensure that they govern their groups with knowledge and wisdom.

“I hope to see proposals in my office after such pieces of training. There are funds that have been set aside for women, youth and the disabled for economic empowerment programs” he said.

Waziri Bigvai addressing members of the public during the sensitization program.

He also explained that the county was working in partnership with KCB bank in order to ensure the groups that seek financial aid had the ability to govern themselves and were equally knowledgeable. He reiterated, groups that had undergone training were more likely to be considered for county funds than the counterparts

Later on in the last session, Ms. Lydia Jolole, a staff member at KCB Voi Branch, shared on the LAST EXPENSE INSURANCE. It is an insurance policy that covers people in cases of the death of any family members. She urged people to confidently fill forms and apply for this insurance policy in various classes.

Mr. Ephantus Muiruri also urged people to form groups and take a step and apply for the KCB Mobi Chama and the Tuungane current account noting that he was willing visit the various chamas to educate them as well as help them in the opening of the accounts to ensure they got the very best out of their table banking exercise.

KCB Bank Manager Mr. Antony Tumuti addresses the chama representatives at Desert Rose during the sensitization.

A vote of thanks was given by one of the members present and the KCB manager Mr. Tumuti finalized the training by thanking everyone for showing up as well as urging people to take up this new opportunity that has been brought to them. The training ended with a word of prayer after which everyone headed for lunch and left at their own pleasure.


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