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Mama Haika defends Ruto over Samboja remarks.

Yesterday on 20th Sept. Mama Haika hosted various county women and their groups as well as leaders across the country, more especially those affiliated to the Jubilee party at an event dubbed ‘inua mama initiative forum’
Essentially deemed (in some quarters) as an outfit gearing up to garner support for Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid, the function of the day had a series of activities that cut across speeches, various gifting, and awards to diverse groups in a bid to empower them economically.
It wasn’t long before the digression into both local county and national politics.
[epq-quote align=”align-left”]No one referred to us Taita Taveta residents as dumb or stupid. Let’s not allow divisive politics that are of little or no use regarding our development agenda -Haika-TTC Woman Rep.[/epq-quote]
Amongst the invited guest, Malindi’s vocal Mp, Aisha Jumwa, did not hesitate to express her displeasure in the ongoing county dissolution row.
“I am not happy with whatever has befallen the Taita Taveta citizenry and all we can hope for is lasting solutions to such scuffles” she ‘voiced’
Aisha & Haika prior to the Inua Mama Event held in voi, Moi Stadium[/capti on]
Madam Haika, Aisha’s fellow parliamentarian, and Patron of the ‘Inua Mama initiative’ , Taita Taveta,  and county woman rep, in her speech, sought to remind the crowd on the dangers of bad politicking and gimmicks
In a subtle jab, she counted the previous sentiments by count boss, Samboja following William Ruto’s visit, hardly a week ago. It was a visit in which the governor had purported the Deputy President’s remarks were of disrespect to the people of Taita Taveta.
According to the clip that made rounds on social media soon after DP’s visit, Samboja claimed, “we will not allow foreigners to insult our people insinuating us as a people who are dumb and who can not think for ourselves”
It is for the above remarks s that Haika, christened, ‘mama sita’, boldly sought to differ with the governor, while defending the deputy president.
‘No one referred to us Taita Taveta residents as dumb or stupid. Let’s not allow divisive politics that are of little or no use regarding our development agenda’ Haika asserted.
Various factions of the electorate might just be at a juncture of confusion as per the opinions held by some of the leaders in regard to both the stalemate and its current and potential aftermaths. Share your thoughts with us!

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