Mama Sita awards 1.3 million to Taveta residents

The residents of Taveta received Hon Haika with songs of jubilation and praise as she awarded them with cheques amounting to 1.3 million Kenya shillings. The funds provided to the residents were presented to fund different economic projects which include table banking, ICT, and talent. The groups that received the funds were wakidina welfare, Sanaa Taveta CBO, tataba coop society, wamanyi wa mnene, lessesia community water project, young mothers mjini, together youth mjini, Taveta winam associate, upendo malukiloriti C, ngwakale women group, urinate ndogo silc, chumvini CBO and ukindu silc.

The 2/3 gender rule has been put into practice as these gains would not be seen if not for it. Our country Kenya has been lagging behind neighbors Uganda and Tanzania when it comes to women in leadership especially in leadership position that can change the political realm. Through the implementation of the two-thirds rule, there seem to be development in the correction of historical injustices that have been recorded in our history. Vulnerable groups in Kenya now have a chance for a better future through this implementation.

006 women rep “mama sita” has called upon MPs from the region, Taita Taveta, to be firm in the push for women rights in the county. She went further by asking the MPs to support the Bill that seeks to amend the constitution of the senate and the national assembly as well. This Bill is a move to conform to the 2/3 principle by creating 20 special seats for the next election, if it is passed.


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