EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!Meet MADARAKA MARTIN (Mtetezi): ready to battle it out with MCA OMARI for kaloleni ward, 2017

With the voter registrations already up and running, various candidates are already gearing up for the 2017 race.
Martin Madaraka, a charismatic, fluent and a multi-talented youth activist has revealed his readiness to take up the challenge this 2017 and possibly “overthrow democratically� the current MCA Mr. OMARI.
In his own words he says…
“The reason as to why I have made my stand in extending my community services to the people is because since my childhood days I have never seen any relevant achievements/developments at the grassroots level as a result of poor service delivery to the common mwananchi for decades to date despite Kenyans voting the new constitution in the year 2010 with the aim of ensuring resources and service reach the grassroots level.

 It’s so sad, so unfortunate that the community suffers more and all this has been brought by bad leadership, selfish and less concerned leaders with no interest to the common mwananchi.  It’s also important to note that the poor leadership is sometimes contributed by the citizens themselves who sell their votes for as low as Ksh. 50, a half kg of rice and sugar due to poverty and desperation only to end up suffering more because of the kind of leaders they choose.
This is something that as community we must change and each and every individual must be an agent of that change.
I have always been on the fore-front sensitizing the community not to repeat the same problems such as bribery, standing up for their rights and much more because I desire real change and developments especially for the people of Kaloleni.
Despite financial challenges, I have firmly made my stand to contest for seat of MCA- Kaloleni ward to ensuring proper service delivery to the people today and the generations to come
It’s all about unity, co-operation and support from donors, well-wishers and our community in general in supporting our transformation campaign/journey  and ensure we bring the leadership to our door steps, to the streets and ultimately build a sense of ownership when it comes to leadership under the slogan youthful and humble  leadership for  change
He points out to his leadership experiences as a back bone of his campaign which include the following:
1. Youth leader        – Voi youth empowerment center
2. Chairperson                          Dynamic development youth forum
3. Treasurer                    – Sub-location development committee
4. Chairperson                  – Nyumba kumi initiative
5. Secretary                            – Family Health Option of Kenya (FHOK)
6. Volunteer                   – Youth enterprise development fund
7. Entertainment Minister   -Coast Institute Of Technology
8. B.O.G Member                  -Voi Youth Polytechnic
9. Organizing Secretary        -Change Makers Touching Hearts
10.Chairperson                   – Undugu Mentorship Club [Taita-Taveta-Chapter]
11.Activist            Taita-Taveta County Accountability Network
12.Committee Member   -Ward bursary fund committee
13 ass sec                                   – Voi Town Management committee
14Member                  -Voi Enviromental Stragetic Management
15 Coordinator–             -Sauti Ya Vijana [Taita-Taveta County]
is he fit? Does He deserve?…are just but some of the questions to be answered through the ballot, 2017

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