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Meet Mangale Salim a former TAITA TAVETA university colllege who say he’s condition was never an excuse for failure.


Which course did you pursue.?

I pursued BCOM. Accounting option. I also got a certificate in computer studies 


Where did you grow up and what was life like back then?

I was born and raise I, kituoni village Kwale county, Kinageni sub location

I later studied in Nairobi school, where I scored an A minus (A-). I left in 2009 and later joined cam-pus in 2011 

One distinct thing about you is your genetic disorder, Tell about that and did it affect your studies ?

Well to limited extent especially my sight which is definitely crucial I my studies. BUT, having lived with the condition for all this period I have devised lots of ways to deal with the challenge. 


How about your social life?

Given my condition, undoubtedly it has an impact on social life. Different people view my condition differently. Others consider me helpless. Others do not want to associate with me. I have learnt to just accept myself. Anyway, I have got quite a number of friends too. I actually have a girl-friend. 


You earned a first class. Tell us about that.

Although it was such a struggle. I can confidently say, I saw it coming. I really felt uplifted and self-satisfied. 


What did it take to earn that?

God’s favor. I can also talk about personal commitment., hard work and discipline. Self-respect and academic dedication come in handy. It also comes with proper time and financial management. Be-sides there is support from friends and also the academic staff in TTUC 


And the credit goes to…

Lots of credit goes to my parents. I must commend my hardworking lectures at the BSE Department. DR KARIM, Md. NYATICHI and Mrs. NJERI. 


Currently what are you doing? And what are some of your future academic plans?

Meanwhile I just run my businesses and am also engaged in transformational work

I hope to undertake Masters of science finance and accounting by September 2015 and thereafter pursue my PHD

I would like to be an academician. I dream of owning a college and being renowned lecturer. 


What are some of the books you enjoy reading?

I prefer financial journals though for books I often do Ben Carson’s books 


Tell us about some of your mentors and why?

Madam Veronica Nyatichi: her hard work and commitment encouraged me to work tirelessly,

Raila Amolo Odinga– I like his persistence and confidence. That gives me the zeal to work even harder

My parents. Their struggles in upbringing me have been enough lessons for me. 


Your final words of encouragement.

Anything is possible. All you got to have is the zeal , commitment and focus. Listen to all, the pieces of advice but be a decision maker of your own

Never allow the world to take control of you


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