EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW-Mosh Black Demon. “NAS is my idol”

Mosh. (BLACK DEMON)- Photography by starlight studios

He is an alumni of JKUAT-TAITA TAVETA and currently a hip-hop artist based in Voi -Kenya, working with SEISMIC Entertainment Record label. Get to download and hear his masterpieces from reverbnation.com and you’ll most likely attest that he is a version of the American hip hop Great-NAS. below is an Interview with the demon.
Who is black demon… 
My name is Stephen Mwashangi Jabu. A.K.A. Black demon. Black demon is simply a short form of Blacks Demonstrating. This mainly was as a result of the kind of music that I opted to do. In my songs I normally address issues that are often associated with the blacks, common life struggles, oppression fight for freedom , family ties and love issues. 
Tell us about yourself and your family
I am the last born in a family of five. Born and raised in Malindi by a single mom. Unfortunately she passed on back in 2006. it was a struggle for us but by God’s grace at least we’re here now. 
Education background…
I attended Dr. Aggrey high school and later joined JKUAT-TAITA TAVETA where I pursued a degree in commerce- Finance option 
When did you discover your prowess in rap music and why rap?
Back in form 2 I gave it a try and my colleagues encouraged me to pursue it. I kept writing but never recorded until after high school. I enjoyed rap because I used to listen to old-school hip hop. I most especially admired NAS (An American hip hop legend) and his ill-Matic Album. His unique style and lyrical genius was and has always been an inspiration. 
Life after campus…
In as much as I pursued commerce at the university, I still got more attracted to music. I never felt like being employed. I therefore embarked on personal business venture which could also allow me get time for music. 
Where do you record your music and how much do you have to your name?
I have been working with producer Elly of SEISMIC ENTERTAINMENT. We’ve done over 15 songs so far. Seismic is an upcoming production house and we strongly believe it’s going to be the next big thing at least regionally. 
Mosh in studio with the dope seismic producer KIM known for kim classics

Meanwhile I am working on my first mix tape album by the Name BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS. I also hope to do a couple of videos in the near future. I have a collaboration with Kitole kenda and the video of the song is a work in progress. Besides, I want to invest more on shows to earn more publicity.
Meet Ashley, homage, Bonafide. I would like all readers to get access to the above plus more on REVERBNATION
Cite some of the challenges as an upcoming artiste
Finances has always been the greatest challenge. Video productions are quite expensive. Sometimes there is that feeling of quitting because at the end of the day if your music doesn’t reach a bigger audience then it means it won’t pay the bills. 
Comment on county government and talents appreciation.
They say a prophet isn’t welcome at his own home. I believe there are lots of talents within this county but they are hardly promoted. They lack exposure. For instance during county celebrations, the new year’s eve celebrations, some of the entertainers are from elsewhere. And I believe they get lots of money out of it. I think it is time the county government recognized and appreciated local talents, financial and material support needs to be channeled towards the youth 
Final words to the youth and upcoming artistes. 
One of the saddest things in life is a waste of talent. And to all the rest, because I believe everyone is gifted in one way or the other, just hold on and keep working smart. The doors will someday open up for you. 
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