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Pizza spots in Voi town

 Pizza is one of the most celebrated foods all over the world. It is especially popular amongst the youths, with most of them opting for it as a meal of choice as they hang out. Pizza is a dish of Italian origin that is baked at very high temperatures. The dish is mainly consistent of leavened wheat dough with various toppings like cheese tomatoes and other ingredients.

In Kenya pizzas are quite popular and pizzerias are known to be popular hangout spots. Brands like Pizza Inn, Pizza hut, Peponi Pizza, Debonairs, Dominos, Pizza Mojo, Mambo Italia, Panarottis, and 360 pizza, have flooded the market with all of them getting good ratings and quite the clientele. It is however recognizable that we do not have any of the brands mentioned above in our small town.

So, are you a pizza fan? Do you live in Voi town and its environs? Do you constantly ask how to get good pizza? Ask no more, here are the five places in town that will give you great pizza.

Two Oceans Hotel

The new kid in the block offers Voi residents’ pizza on order. You are required to call on the hotel and place your order and they will deliver it to you or you could go to the hotel place your order and wait for it to be prepared. The pizza is delicious with a nice and thick crust. As you chew into it, savor the taste and enjoy the cheese and toppings as per your recommendations.

Wise cup House of cakes

The cake haven next to Oasis Hotel is the next place you could go and enjoy your pizza. Here too, pizzas are baked upon order. If you have had their cakes then you definitely know their pizza is just as amazing. The aroma itself is mouthwatering and the taste is spectacular. Get amazing pizza offers from the renowned establishment and enjoy the feel and spectacular taste.

IT cakes & coffee Parlor

IT cakes is the home for anyone with a sweet tooth, the cake house that is situated within the Distar building is one of the pizza establishment in town. Enjoy the tantalizing cake flavors with a cup of coffee as you wait for your order to be completed. Enjoy pizza that is made with professionals and eat scrumptious pizza from the home of flavors.

Vacani Resort

The resort offers pizza to all its customers during the weekends with the promise of the tantalizing and amazing pizza. Every pizza is created just for you and the taste which is chewy and crisp is to die for. Visit the resort enjoy a drink at the glory gardens as you await for the pizza to get ready.

Rosewood Hotel and Grill

The spot next to the highway has been known for a long while as the perfect getaway from the normal town life. With pizzas in the mix it is definitely the perfect weekend and daily getaway as you enjoy the delicious and tantalizing pizza which is baked upon the placement of the order. Take a dive into the pool as you await the pizza and enjoy.

Have you visited any of these pizza spots yet? If yes try the next spot if not start today, try out the various pizza spots in town and share your experience with friends and family.


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