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Poverty, A blessing in disguise

Poverty I believe is a condition that every human being dreads. It is hard to know because people do not go around saying that they hate poverty but truth of the matter, no one likes to be associated with it and that is why day in day out, we all find something that will earn us a few coins. A lot of people who are billionaires or have made something out of this life were once from a poor background, not all though.

Some people have struggled to make their way up, gone days without food, slept on the streets or even had to do the dirtiest of jobs to put something in their stomachs. More often we ask how they made it to the top and we get answered by just a few words, “the thirst for a better life pushed me to be where I am right now.” Sometimes it looks like a miracle but it is only because we get to see the good parts and forget that there was a moment of struggle in these people’s lives.

But have you ever asked yourself where these people would be if not for their struggles. I bet many would have gotten comfortable with the kind of life their parents provided for them and not thought beyond. This thing called poverty pushes you to want a better life. It might not be a motivating factor for some but it is for most of us. That is why I can confidently say that it is a blessing in disguise.

When you read these celebrity memoirs from the likes of Tiffany Haddish, Trevor Noah, Kevin Hart or Daymond John all of them come from families that struggled to take them to school and so much more but the power of broke changed their perspective of life. They all knew they had to do what they had to change the story of their lives and by their endless trials, they are who they are right now.

If your state of life right now does not motivate you to want the best out of this hard economy, an economy that only bends to the rules of the rich then you have not yet hit rock bottom. You have to get to a point of saying am tired of being this penniless and stagnant in life to realize that you need to be more aggressive in life. Poverty will make you live an ordinary life, it will deny you a lot of life’s pleasurable things, it will get you overthinking and over analyzing every kind of decision you make. It all depends on you if that is the kind of life you want to live.

We should not look at poverty as something that holds our lives back but look at it as something that will push us to soar greater heights. From a famous saying, “life is all the same for us all but how we choose to see it is upon ourselves.” Poverty will either break you or make you, the choice is yours.

Lilian musyoki

She has a background in Business & Info-Technology, CFO at Tsavo Media Group,and a pro-Chef on the sidelines. She's passionate about Girl-Child empowerment and is an aspiring inspirational speaker, motivated by daily life experiences and dreams of a better world where everyone can realize their potential to the maximum.

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