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SAFARICOM and AIRTEL friendly clash at Moi stadium-Voi

On Tuesday5TH and Wednesday6TH, the county government hosted the 6thedition of the KIKAO KIKUU usually steered by the Communications authority of Kenya.

Kikao kikuu is usually a forum that brings together citizens and their Telecommunications service providers with the aim of sensitizing and also collecting various views, suggestions and recommendations from the common mwananchi.

During the two day program, various businesses with lots of interest in ICT as well were invited to exhibit and let the general public consequently have a say on their products and services

Specifically championed the ICT department led by Mr. Mjomba, the event featured various heavyweights in the telecommunications sector, both at the county level and nationally with such firm sending various representatives to the forum.

The morning hours were mainly exhibition sessions followed by general discussion segments in the afternoon.

On the final day after touring various stands to check out the displays, the governor among other county officials settled for the speech sessions. The mistier reiterated that that ICT was an enabler of all other county departments and was thus fundamental in virtually all county operations.
The governor in his speech acknowledged the privilege of hosting the 6th Edition and assured the citizens of a committed government in fostering ICT development within the county.

Later on Kikao kikuu team held a panel forum which was more or less a faceoff between the common mwananchi and various stakeholders at the forum. Mr. Ronald Shako-the governor’s chief advisor and one of the panelists assured the delegates that in his capacity and during his foreign visits, he was doing his best not to undersell Taita Taveta County in regard to ICT development

In the final hours of the afternoon Safaricom and Airtel got a platform to be praised and criticized in equal measure by the common man in regard to their services

At some point one of those in attendance blatantly revealed that he once threw his Airtel line after some unnecessary notifications from the service provider became a nuisance
Equally Safaricom got roasted on avenues regarding loss of airtime even without the client using it and also the usual cases of conmen revolving around their M-pesa services.

In their responses, the various telecommunication heavyweights went on consoling the affected. Airtel for instance went on assuring the citizens that cases of roaming especially at the TAITA TAVETA COUNTY border had come to an end and that its 4G network was already up in most regions of the county.

Safaricom on the other end said there was progress in upgrading of the 2g and 4g network areas to 3g and 4G networks assuring especially the Voi residents the 4Gnetwork is coming soon.

Other citizens went on making inquiries on the benefits of the Digital migration and also cases on signal loss of which all the involved parties noted that there was work in progress from their end to ensure the common mwananchi  receive utmost services.


With the session getting heated up, the moderator of the day, the media maestro, Uncle Fred Obachi Machoka had quite a task calming down the session.

Upon culmination however, the governor realized the forum time seemed inadequate for the citizens to belt out their grievances and thus promised not to wait until another Kikao kikuuto give the citizens a platform, but instead invited all the concerned powerhouses uses for a more or less similar forum sooner than later

The guests later on had lunch at the prestigious Voi wildlife lodge courtesy of Communications Authority of Kenya.




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