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Statement on the Suspension of the County Government, Taita Taveta

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

One month ago my Government informed members of the public of the decision kick-starting the collection of signatures aimed at attaining the constitutional requirement for the dissolution of the County Government to, pave way for a fresh election mandate from the residents of Taita Taveta County.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The framers of the constitution that anchored the place of Devolution in our country’s Governance structures anticipated such a crisis like the one we are experiencing today and designed a way out of it.

As a County Government we have taken the road of dissolution.

This resolve was arrived at after a realization that the County Assembly had stood in the way of development and service delivery meant for those we represent as leaders.

The process of collecting signatures is now complete and the cry of well meaning residents of our great County has been heard if the 52,100 signatures so far collected that surpasses the constitutional threshold of 18,000 signatures is anything to go by.

The 52,100 signatures represents a population that says we cannot negotiate on service delivery, we cannot cut corners with development, we cannot implement projects with their taxes without involving them. We must involve them.

The cornerstone of devolution is public participation. Those who have appended their signatures on this petition are asking that they must be involved in the running of the affairs of the County by their leaders and as their Governor I, have heard them.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It should not be lost on us that the budget estimates from the County Assembly failed to meet the constitutional requirement of public participation. We cannot afford to sit in a room alone and plan how to allocate taxpayers’ hard earned money without their input.

If we cannot involve those we lead in determining how and where their taxes are spent, then we have failed them.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This exercise has touched virtually every corner of the County and by appending their signatures, the residents of our great County have not only demonstrated a desire to see through this process but resoundingly sent a statement that it will not be business as usual in the running of affairs in our County.

The process of dissolving a County Government is long and as such any other interventions aimed at resolving this crisis must bear in mind the resounding statement that has been made by thousands of our residents.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Bible in Psalms 30:5 reminds us that: “For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life; weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

In Swahili, Zaburi 30:5, “Maana ghadhabu zake ni za kitambo kidogo, katika radhi yake mna uhai. Huenda kilio huja usiku, lakini asubuhi huja furaha”.

The process of signature collection has now come to an end and I will lead well-meaning residents of our County in delivering our petition to H.E the President of Republic Of Kenya as is required by law.

I wish to most sincerely thank every concerned citizen of this great County who has remained steadfast in this journey aimed at bringing sanity in the running of affairs in the County. We will shortly commence mobilization of willing citizens to accompany us to Nairobi for presentation of our petition.

In conclusion, I know that among the signatures here are those of who want to see a new way of doing things in our county and those who want the entire Government to pack and go home including your Governor.

This is your constitutional right and duty and when the petition sails through and elections are held and I lose in that election, I will forever be grateful to every citizen of this County for giving me a chance to serve you as your Governor for the last two years. I shall forever be indebted.

My fellow county men and women, all I need to see is a leadership that believes and places development and service delivery at the center of its administration; those who will be mandated to govern should be ready for this undertaking.








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