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Success: Do you have the right perception?

The most important thing about games is that they come with a certain addiction, a certain determination that keeps the players going. No matter how many times a soccer player falls down, or no matter the number of times the basketball player misses a shot they just never give up. Some time back I would swear that this was plain addiction to the game until I talked to my younger brother. He not only plays basketball for fun but he has turned it into his profession of choice.

He will spend his entire time on the court regardless of the hour or who needs him. The court is his place of comfort, the ball his refuge when things are tough, and also his punching bag when things go haywire.

After a long conversation with him I realized that gaming is a passion that people have. It gives the zeal and the willingness to do it. No matter how many times you fall you will always stand right up and try your level best to have a another fighting chance.

Losing does not happen for you to stay down and never get up, it is meant for you to stand and fight harder than you did the first time so that you will be able to make things right, so that you will not find yourself down again. Falling not only makes you strong but also teaches that you do have to stay down just because you went down once.

So, after careful observation I learnt from the athletes and numerous sportsmen even when the race is so hard and tough getting up is the most important part of it. You get up and run harder because when you stay down chances of being trampled on are so high. When trampled on you will either die trying to get up anyway or you will remain fighting the forces that keep you down.

In life we allow ourselves to stay down. With enough courage we can rise up to the occasion and fight with all we have got. Practice your trade no matter how difficult you feel it is. Playing soccer is not easy and running is not a child’s play. Athletes fight night and day practice for hours just to achieve what they want. They always strive to get to where they are. No struggle means no pain and that is equal to failure. No one seats around and becomes successful.

The power of the brain is the most important tool a man can have. It goes hand in hand with the power of the tongue. What you think of yourself is what you are and what you say is exactly as you will be since you proclaim it yourself. The struggle that people go through, the sleepless nights that they experience is what attributes to their success. Success without a struggle is the biggest lie we tell ourselves.

Sleepless nights must be experienced for the glorious days we hope to have in future. As people who have the hope of having better and brighter future the keys are zeal, courage, determination, and dedication. Take the examples of your favorite players. As for me I know Collins Injera did not become a legend overnight. Since the time and effort he has put into the trade is why he is where he is today. Let us create greatness.

Greatness comes from within, who would have thought that Barrack Obama would be the president of the United States once.  I assure you when he began most people thought he was too ambitious or poorly naïve to even try running in the great US of A, today he is one of the most celebrated men on earth. Just after being the most influential man around the globe.

 Greatness is not bestowed upon anyone rather we search for it, we work towards it and we strive to achieve it. Life is more than just a mere walk in the park. When we struggle to get out of the comfort zone, we make ourselves available to greatness. The life that we live is dependent on the choices that we make, the belief that we have and the position that we feel is right for us. The moment we decide that it is time to show the world that we can do it, it is also time to receive the destiny that we have accepted for ourselves.

I’ll not say that I actually believe in the terms fate and destiny but I do know that we create our own destinies. Destiny is something you hold in your hands, you can either make your destiny interesting, successful or you may leave it as it is and do nothing about it. No one ever got successful by working an 8 to 5 job only for the rest of their lives. It is pretty intriguing the ends people have to go to for the sake of success. Success is meant for the strong at heart for those willing to fall just to wake up again.

Steve Jobs did not make it in one try rather he made it after several tries. Bill Gates had to fail severally, convince so many people to believe in his project enough to invest in it but only a few were willing to go through that mile with him and today they are some of the most influential men because they were willing to take the risk with him.

 Success is all about the risk we are willing to take so as to succeed. No struggle and risk is equals to a normal and stagnant life. It simply means that we are never going to progress since we are not willing to get out and fall before waking up, dusting ourselves and doing it again. We should have the determination of a child who is crawling because no matter the number of times he or she falls, he or she will still try and ensure they wake up and walk even if it takes them a month they will still do so.

 To achieve the greatness we wish to have, we need to have this kind of hearts and we need to work with clean hearts. The next key to success means we should know is that we should have clean hearts and those that accept people around us. We need to be able to accept people in our lives without judgment and prejudice and we should never have jealousy infesting our hearts.

Success is something we have to look for we cannot achieve it by just laying around. Achieving it means that we get to live our dreams because I am sure that we all crave success, we all need a little pride and we all need to make a difference. Success however does not only mean having money it can also mean doing something out of the ordinary or doing something that will make a difference in people’s lives, touching a heart or lives like Mother Theresa. Success is what you make it to be, it is what you decide to make of it.


An afro-damsel addicted to books and literature. Lead content creator and Assisting Editor at Tsavo Media Group. A free thinker ready to pen different viewpoints on contemporary issues and exiting ideas generally speaking.

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