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Taveta MP Hon. Naomi Shaban Beats Deputy Governor Majalia to leadership award.

Following the 2nd Annual Taita Taveta Professional women’s forum held on 15TH Dec at Vacani Resort. It is interesting to note that in in the Category of Leadership, legendary Taveta Member of Parliament Hon. Naomi Shaban bagged the award getting the favor of public vote over H.E Majalia Mlagui, who equally has an impressive leadership portfolio.

Hon. Shaban prior to the announcement had accepted the invitation by the Women Association to be the patron of the group, ironically replacing fellow contender, the DG, Majalia Mlagui.  A contentious issue, somewhat.

Regardless and comparatively, this is a brief overview of the respective profiles of these imminent, bold, elegant, and powerful women from Taita Taveta County.

Hon. Naomi Shaban.


She has been in politics since the year 2002 and that is why she is deserving of the name, Mother of the County. Having been there since the Kibaki regime, she did so much for the country when she was serving as the Minister of State for Special Programs and Minister for Gender and Children Affairs. Additionally, the title mother of the county wasn’t just picked from nowhere but from the number of times she dedicated herself to serving the county. She cares about women and girl child empowerment and am sure she would stop at nothing until she ensures that the girl-child enjoys her freedom which includes freedom of education.

H.E. Deputy Governor Majalia Mlagui.

Majalia Mlagui

She not only holds a deputy gubernatorial seat but also fights for the rights of miners of gemstones back in Taita Taveta County. Being the youngest deputy governor in the country, puts her in the spotlight and that has forced her to keep up with the political life by serving the people right. She is an entrepreneur who came up with a social impact company called Thamani for the purpose of empowering small scale miners through advocacy and educating them. She also takes much interest in building up men and women to ensure that they are vibrant enough to take up leadership positions. A county gem would be an ideal moniker.


Let us know your  thoughts on the above exemplary women!


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