TBT photos of DJ Dola Papi and Journalist Bill Otieno that will make you say Mungu Yupo!

Now! … these ambitious chaps, despite different lines of careers, they seemingly had some friendship and bromance from back in the days. The gentlemen, born and bred on the dusty streets and under the voi’s hot sun, have certainly come along way. Both, bold and focused, over the past 10 years or so, they have considerably evolved into being regional household names, at least so to speak from a voi’ perspective.

With Jimmy Michigan alias DJ Dolla Papi, doubling up as a teacher and arguably the town’s top and veteran go-to deejay . Bill  on the other hand is a Content producer with a local media consultancy firm Pyramedia Services and also doubles up as broadcast journalist corresponding for Nation Media’s NTV

There is no doubt, both gentlemen representing the palatial Sikujua Estate are on a positive professional trajectory more polished, got some sense of mature style and swagged up, However, it doesn’t hurt to go down memory lane, to reminisce some of these nostalgic moments… in our inaugural series of the  #voi2dayTBTseries.


Bill Presently
Papi Presently


Young Bill
Young and Broke Bill
Ok..so mambo ya branding ilianza kitambo?
Whichever world it was
Call 911
Billy The Goat?
Taking it Easy
Connections Kumbe ilianza kitambo
Call Polis ! – 2cases have been identified!
voi’s rich kids ???
Camera yaangusha watu
Gym ikabidi
Jua ya voi haijali though…
Bill with colleagues Harith Salim and Lolani Kalu at NMG
Bill conducting an interview
Color co-ordination…sawa
Si mbayaa…
We doubt the ownership of the coat though
MaGig zikaanza
Fan-base ikaGrow
Mafans wengine wakachanganyikiwa
TV tukafika ama tukafikishwa na Bill ? What are friends for anyway ?…. It was a deserved feature though!


I choose to celebrate this Duo in this Fun TBT pictorial!

Clearly, these fellow chaps and good friends as well, have demonstrated, what determination to achieve the best out of your interest, means.  Their show of Focus even to date is remarkable. Their level of commitment has been noble. Their resilience has been admirable for approximately 8 years since my first meeting. I have always known them for what they do today, from the first interactions and conversations I knew Bill was eyeing a career in journalism and hopefully will not stop at anything less than the prime-time Newsdesk seat . And so has the case been with DJ Dola Papi. His desire to fill arenas full of revelers and happy souls tosing to his mixes hasn’t been any less strong.

And Ever since those initial interactions to date, they still do, the same thing albeit better and more professionally while their love for the hometown remains intact!

Kudos to all.

Bill, keep telling what must be told & Papi  Keep Spinning till the sun goes down. Don’t stop ….  till it rises again!


Let’s Toss to this in 2030.

Why not?


Kitambi Finally Arrived
Inching Closer. Carry on!


Ndevu Zikamea
Solid Brand & Now a master!

The founder, Creative Force and Chief Editor of voi2day.com Voi Business Network and at large the C E O of Tsavo Media Group. A creative, an avid reader, passionate marketer with lots of interest in media, tech and Entrepreneurship.

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