The General Is Here: KILIFI POLITICS

Hurlingham DOD Headquarters has already adapted to life without our retired General, apparently, the second senior-most soldier in the nation to have ever originated from the Giryama Sub-ethnicity of the larger Mijikenda ethnic block (One of his Predecessors is a Giryama from Vishakani, Kilifi, General Joseph Raymond Kibwana who served between 2000 and 2015 at a similar position). Perhaps he is the last one from our region to ever occupy the most coveted seat of the Military. At least for a possible one-and-a-half decade going by previous records. It’s just a guess.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Deputy President William Ruto and Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Samson Mwathethe during the laying of a wreath at the mausoleum of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta at Parliament Buildings, Nairobi.Photo Jonah Mwangi/DPPS

He also has adapted to life as a civilian once again after a long service in uniform. Hats off Sir for the job well done. I cannot describe anything about your legacy at the DOD or its tributaries because even that legacy per se is a guarded Official State Secret that never moves beyond the perimeter walls of The DOD Headquarters for the consumption by the general public. However, by the simple look of things from outside those secured walls, all is well that ended well.

Back at home in Kilifi, just prior to his exit from his military assignments, SPECULATIONS about his interest in joining politics were high. It was widely rumoured that he had an eye for the County’s top seat. Whether it’s him going for the seat or he’ll endorse someone else openly or through a proxy, we are yet to know. What I know is that he is already a household name down here at Kilifi, and that his final word about Kilifi’s “future” political journey may spell a blessing for some of us, or an absolute damnation to the rest depending on which side of the local political sphere we lean on.

On the other hand, we have a secret lobbyist syndicate fronting him for a plum rank at the Kenya Ports Authority. This could be a deliberate craft by the local political mafia in collaboration with possible candidates to divert his attention from his perceived political interests.

It remains with him to decide which foot to test the depth of waters as either side; Parastatal Assignments or political expeditions, politics will inevitably prevail. That notwithstanding, his retirement from the military has every reason to redefine our local political destiny. For the better. Or for the worse.

Amir Mangisi

Amir is an Accountant by profession, however with lot's of interest in socio-political issues and current affairs, and avid follower of both local and international news and doesn't hesitate on giving a piece of his mind in regard to the discourse at hand

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