Understand the unveiled BBI (Building Bridges Initiative)

For months there has been much speculation on the BBI report and what it entails. Earlier this week, the report was officially presented to the president and on Wednesday November 27th 2019, H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the report at the Bomas of Kenya. The launch was attended by 47000 people with 1000 representatives from each county and various stakeholders in the country.

The report is said to be the way to bridge the divide between Kenyans as well as dim the ethnic lines that for so long have affected growth in this great country. Despite the fact that the BBI was well televised and documented it is still clear that Kenyans do not yet understand what it proposes and how it will affect their daily lives. Here are a few highlights that you ought to be aware about:

An inclusive and accountable leadership

Kenyans have for long wanted their leaders to be held accountable for their actions. The lack of a strong opposition especially one with power hence makes this an impossible task. The report proposes a strong opposition leader who is going to be approved by parliament. The opposition leader will be the first runners up in the elections. The opposition will also have a shadow cabinet that is meant to keep the official cabinet in heck I matters to do with development.

Fostering National identity

The report indicates that the lack of shared beliefs is what is withholding Kenya from being successful. Therefore, it proposes that the national ethos is taught from a very young age, to help people embrace the positive cultures, beliefs and diverse communities to help foster unity.

Fighting corruption

The report states that the war on graft will be won if clear preventive and deliberate measures are put in place to ensure that corruption is dealt with. The task force in-charge proposed that civil servants should not be allowed to do business with state agencies. It also proposed rewarding of whistle blowers with at least 5% of the recovered proceeds from a graft case.

Empowering of the youth

The youths have always complained about their needs being catered for by the national government and the BBI report is looking into changing this fact. The report proposes for youths to be supported, nurtured by providing them with opportunities which will help in growth and business. This can be done through minimizing taxation hence all small and new businesses should have a tax holiday of about 7 years. the report also proposes that creativity and talent should be nurtured from a young age. It also proposes the opening of a non-profit organization by private organizations in the country which will provide training, mentorship, support to youth business owners.

Smaller government

Kenyans have always complained on the size of the government that continues to grow more and more. The task force noted this as one of the main complaints by Kenyans and the need to reduce government expenditure and wastage of resources. It was therefore proposed that sitting allowances should be eliminated for civil servants with salaries, jobs should be rationalized and harmonized, as well as the salaries of public servants. This will help in curbing expenditure and the government will spend more on development instead of bureaucracy.

A shared prosperity

The report proposes a system where the economy is integrated and built in a manner that will ensure all Kenyans are treated equally. This will also see to the lending of banks and ensuring all priority sectors get funding. With the proposal the east African community integration will be at the forefront and the it will prevent resources of the public service commission from monopolization by salaries.

Increasing counties resources

Despite the fact that devolution has been a solution too many problems there still seem to be milestones that we need to overcome. The BBI report proposes that the allocation of funds be increased to 35% and development projects should be to the counties from the national government. Financing of wards for development should also be transparent and thee should be proper and strict supervising on functions and projects to ensure they are working as they are supposed to be.

The position of the Prime Minister

With the BBI report the role of the prime minister is brought back. He or she will be appointed by the president from the party with majority Members in Parliament, and will help in the supervision of the day-to-day activities of the government will also be the leader of business in the national assembly. The prime minister termination will be through dismissal from the president or if parliament passes a vote of no confidence.

A mixed cabinet

This simply means that the cabinet will consist of both members of parliament and technocrats unlike it is right now. The ministers will also be recognized as cabinet ministers again as it was before the new constitution was passed in 2010. The beauty of it is that MPs who are ministers will maintain their MP salary with no additional salaries.

There are very many solutions to Kenyans problems that have been outlined by the report but these happen to be the highlights. It is however necessary as Kenyans that we take time and study and understand the BBI before we either accept it or reject it.



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