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DENNIS MUNYAE: Usilete mapenzi katika biashara

The level of start-ups in college is commendable

It is visible from any angle you’d prefer to look at it from. Almost everyone if not everyone is enthusiastic to run some kind of business, from the simplest form such as selling boiled eggs with kachumbari, morning and evening uji to some of the complex ones like running a fully functioning hotel and pub. Not to mention the funny ones like dial a thong (a service that one can call and get a thong delivered to them at the comfort of their room).

All this proves the hunger for Campus guys to hustle for themselves and fend for them-selves. I mean which chic wouldn’t want a guy who grinds and hustles for themselves. 

A guy that takes you out with their own cash si pesa ya mam ama loan ya helb. Mwanaume ni effort ata kama effort yake iko kwa mayai as long as pesa ya kuuza mayai ndo inakupeleka out which chic wouldn’t be proud of him.


It’s the small grinding and hustling that later leads on to major businesses like running a Sacco of ma3, an investment firm or an empire of selling lingerie of thongs and bras. What’s more admirable is a lady who grinds for her-self. To a guy this is a 5 star chic coz hatakuomba pesa and even better she’s the one to surprise with you with a new watch or those North star shoes you’ve been telling her about.
If there’s one important principle I’ve learnt from business ni usilete mapenzi katika bi-ashara. Biashara ni biashara, at the end of the day mapenzi haitanunua ma.rabbo au plimsoles , mapenzi haiwezi kukulisha au kulipia bill ya shasha.
Though we are still learning the basics of run-ning a business it would be okay to say that we’re doing just fine for a bunch of great start -ups. However it would be great to have a platform where we could interact with mentors to guide us on some the important principles of running a business. 

“If there’s one important principle I’ve learnt from business ni usilete mapenzi katika bi-ashara. Biashara ni biashara, at the end of the day mapenzi haitanunua ma.rabbo au plimsoles”

I’m sure you’d be better off knowing that a bunch of guys using your services on credit will only lead to the stagnation of your business coz you’ll be paying your costs from your own pocket or that it’s very crucial to separate yourself from the business. A business has its own identity just like you and I and it’s important to feed it for it to grow. Feeding the business means making sure you have a positive cash flow and that from every revenue the business earns you should have a portion of the cash that goes into developing the busi-ness.
Wouldn’t it be advantageous to know the best way to market your business and how to get to your target market and how to main good customer relationship that ensures you of more sales in the future? Such info is not only helpful for your start-up, such knowledge can help you start a medium-sized business back at home that generates more than 50k in profits a week or month depending on the nature of the business.
All in all I congratulate everyone who has had the courage to start a business regardless of it failing or being ‘alive and kicking’. Every step taken in starting or running a business pro-vides a wealth of information that helps us prepare for the great businesses ahead of us.

i belong. Let\'s Roll!


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