voi2day Top 5: Movies to check out this weekend

There is nothing so relaxing than to realize that the weekend is just a knock away. But what plans do you have for the weekend now that we all have to be home by 7 pm?  How about some good movie recommendations to keep your weekend lit? Get some coffee, and get cozy indoors with these titles


Miracle in cell 7

If you are a cry baby then this is not the movie for you but I must say its one great script. It portrays the love a father has for the daughter and how that love faces challenges when the father is sent to prison for a crime he did not commit. While in prison fellow inmates join in proving his innocence, This heartfelt movie leaves many in tears. I must admit, I cried on this one in a couple of scenes. Why don’t you give it a try,  let’s bet if you won’t shed a tear?

A fall from Grace

It’s a story based on a woman who falls in love with a man only to find out that the man was out to steal everything from her immediately they got married. While thinking she genuinely found love again after the loss of her first husband she had actually fallen victim of a grand scheme engineered to con widows in that particular locality. using young men to lure them and disguising themselves as genuine lovers. Towards the end, Grace supposedly ‘kills’ the new lover prompting a treacherous court case. Find out how it ended.

Always a bridesmaid

This is a comic BET movie that looks into the life of a certain young successful lady who is always a bridesmaid. she knows about all the weddings happening and is even a bridesmaid to practically all of them. Amidst being a bridesmaid she meets a man that seemingly set her soul on fire. Check it out and discover whether she eventually becomes a bride herself or not.

Just mercy

Micheal B Jordan, the star in this movie alongside Jimmy Fox as the co-star,  both gentlemen hardly disappoint viewers. This strong, back lead classic is based on a true story and acted at a time when racial discrimination and injustices were rife in the USA.  See, Micheal a graduate lawyer trying to prove the innocence of a man who had been accused of killing a white woman and put on a death sentence. Discover more about the justice system back then and how he maneuvered the system at that point in time.



If you are a fan of movies based on psychology then fractured shouldn’t miss in your movie list this weekend.
This movie dives into the life of a man who involuntarily experiences illusion that his family has been kidnapped by the hospital, in which he thought he took his injured daughter only to find out that the family was already dead and his illusions were preceded by certain horrifying incidence.. this cleverly arranged movie certainly gives chills. Ensure all lights in the house are off earphone or the speaker volume is at 80 +

I hope these 5 movies would be good to keep you entertained….if you got Netflix, search these titles (except Mercy that isn’t on Netflix)  but I am sure most movie shops pretty much have these titles waiting for you to grab.

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Have a wonderful fun-filled weekend.

Till the next one!

Share with us your recommendations too. Regards


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