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Vol II; What’s cool, what’s bul’..

 Straight-talk, this is such a self-explanatory title that I don’t see any need to dillydally around with a prolonged intro packed with a lexicon that alienates the layman from deciphering it just to come off as intellectual as possible for that’s cool, so I’ve been told. You beg to differ, not today. Lemme have my moment. There’s a thin line between what people take to be cool and what’s bs. Trying to prove a point that’s proven for instance, where do we categorize that…cool or bul’?

There are things that I do, things that my friends & family do, things we all do out there that to you may seem cool but to another its utter nonsense. First thing’s first, as social beings, we must be living on universal dogmas that define cool and bul’. Lets get straight to it, are geeks cool or not? In recent times they carry with them unjustly, the label “not-cool” as depicted in motion pictures all through in Hollywood, largely contributing to this stereotype that has no legs to it whatsoever. Since when did being knowledgeable on Science, tech, applied Math e.t.c be not cool, when its from these domains that innovations that make life simple emanate from?! Does having immense knowledge and spending lots of time on a specific field of study while limiting  engagements with your social setting makes one any less cool? That’s a goddamn specialization! I, personally know that most successful people are of this nature for that makes them standout in whatever trade they ply on. Kendrick Lamar and Eminem are geeky, Obama is geeky, Bill he’s the head of that pack, Zuckerberg, the late Steve Jobs, legendary Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein..all were Geeks. My dear C.E.O Mr. Job …maybe he doesn’t know it yet but he is that cool geek too! *am so fired*  And bashing people for being geeks is straight-up bul’!

 Certain behavioral patterns  need to be scrutinized to know on what side they lie. Trolling people along ethnic lines, on cultural differences, on skin color, on race..e.t.c . Personally, I kinda think its not cool, and that the only cool thing is that it can give one a hard laugh if done carefully. So, its making light of matters and having people crack up from utterances or one’s deeds that’s actually cool and not treading on those delicate grounds that makes us different from each other. In our country for instance, it has gotten to a point where if you not making Kamba, Luhya or Kisii jokes you won’t cut it for the laugh industry. Now that is not cool. Comedy can be derived from lots of things and its not fixated on the choice of accent used to pass on the joke.

       Information is a powerful tool, and he who gets a hold of it is a powerful man. I guess that’s why we are wired to gravitate towards ‘the one with the juiciest gossip to share’ at any given time of the day. The way we garner info is also of question here, also the nature of information garnered. Remember we talked on how being knowledgeable is hella-cool? Well, it turns out the nature of the information being possessed really comes into play in determining whether it makes you cool or lame. Ill-talk is a lame-ass way to go about seeking validation. Discrediting one doesn’t add credit to your course or repertoire. Whether ‘they’ did it or not and you not sure, hold on your horses you don’t get to run your mouth. And even if you got undeniable facts on a nasty topic on somebody, you don’t need to spill blood to set up a kingdom, so uncool! Thing is, the public at large has an insatiable thirst for blood, and so you won’t get by for long for you can’t keep up with their demands, even if you were hell-bent on satisfying this. Its cool to let some stuff slide especially if you are mindful of what damage the info you withholding can inflict on an individual regardless of the history you share. Showing empathy is cool!

       What’s cool what’s not, calling out your ex in public on some things he did while you two were dating? The likes of Vera Sidika are really making my post relevant right now, and that whoever sees how Vee Money aired out their dirty laundry (her’s and Otile’s) in public with a sight of my friend, are the reason why there should be an antonym for the word ‘cool’ when used figuratively. Also dishonoring a deal or one’s word is next level bul’! In the medieval era, dishonorable men would be lynched or beheaded for it was a capital offense in some regions. It was third to treason and murder if I have my facts right.

      Having power and authority over others but choosing to exercise it with an aura of modesty engulfing your extensive reach, now that is super cool. Its like having a rich guy around who doesn’t flex his financial muscle in your faces but choosing to be respectful to the fact that not everyone is as fortunate as him. That’s the equivalent of a hood spotting a gorgeous babe who ain’t busy trying to concoct ways to extort lads she shares a neighborhood with for she more than capable of doing so, and if she wills it..have them all eating from her palms, but she chooses otherwise. She minds her own business, choosing not to exercise her ‘power’ over her subjects to get higher on the ‘food-chain’. That’s cool, and it feels like am understating!

      All in all, I can go on and on for there are a gazillion ways on how to portray being cool and vice versa. It boils down to a person’s maturity, level of intelligence, nature of the environment brought up in, societal pressure on how, and what you deem as cool. Needless to say, there are universal guidelines on this that some are innate and that if it feels right, looks right, and sits right with you and others for its right, its chill. Pay much heed to that and stay cool, don’t act a fool!   

Toni Mali

He is a a senior content developer at Tsavo Media Group, a writer inspired by life at large and cool vibes. He is equally a key travel and destinations reviwer.

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