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A look into VSO-ICS, Taita Taveta County

VSO Kenya has been running since the year 1959, the organization works with an aim to create a world without poverty. It is one of the most active organizations in the country as they work through volunteers with the sole purpose of promoting community development, and deliver high impact development projects.

 The organization works in three thematic areas: youth employment, inclusive education, and social accountability.

Here in Taita Taveta County, the presence of VSO Kenya( through the international has been felt for quite a while. With cycle 17 having just arrived it is a show of their dedication to improving the lives of communities within the county.

The cycles which include youth volunteers from Kenya and the Great Britain have been visiting the county close to thrice every year since the organization took root in the county. The volunteers join hands and visit schools within the county to ensure to work with marginalized and disadvantaged children. They aim to ensure that inclusive education gives these kids a chance to lifelong learning and also quality education. The program mainly works with children below 14 years old and helps ensure that children are well intergraded into the education system.

With the knowledge to empower their fellow youths VSO volunteers take the mantle of helping out disadvantaged and marginalized youths. The programs aim to help youths get resilient livelihoods by teaching them employability and entrepreneurial skills. They teach the youths the relevant skills in order for them to seek employment or get into entrepreneurship. The organization ensures a number of youths every year get the relevant skills needed in both the formal or informal trainings. They help youths get access to what they need and 50% of the people they help are always women and children with disabilities.

Through the theme social accountability the organization helps the poor and marginalized people lead their development by exercising their rights and claiming their rights and knowing who should be held accountable. The program increases the engagement and participation of primary action in planning and service delivery.

Aggrey Opicha a member of the last cycle and a volunteer from Kitale, expressed his joy at being able to empower youths by teaching them the relevant skills through teaching CV writing, interview skills, and business ideas. His greatest hope was to empower lives and change them for the better.

With approximately 14 days in the county, the impact of cycle 17 can already be felt. The volunteers are already visiting members of the various communities in the county. Their presence has been felt in schools, in the villages and all around. As they continue to make change in the county we encourage and thank them for the good work they are doing.

We wish cycle 17 a comfortable and great stay at 006 as they continue to empower lives.


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