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What do you have planned for the festive season

2019 is over and the festive season is upon us. In short what I am saying is the moment of fun is here. As Kenyans we are known for being spendthrifts and having our bit of fun during this month of December. Normally families pack from the cities and load up the boots head to the great countryside; Kisumu or Nyeri, Eldoret or Kilifi, Turkana or Samburu we all find a way to enjoy the festive season in style. Some of us go kayaking, take road trips to Naivasha, or maybe game drives but a certain group is busy planning their trip to the beach, hence why the beach is usually crowded this time of the year.

How about a few unique spots and events that you should try out this season;

The Rusinga festival

A festival held at the Rusinga island to celebrate the Abasuba culture. The sound of nyatiti fills the air in the island in the two-day affair that has islanders celebrate their culture. Being Abasuba myself I feel like we are one of the most forgotten tribes in Kenya, after our assimilation with the luos we have been written off and are practically overruled by the majority of the tribes in the Nyanza region. This is why the Rusinga festival is so dear yet so amazing, for an endangered culture forgotten gets celebrated in a special way. Enjoy the music, the boat race, the dancing, the wrestling sport, the tug of war and the delicacies served. Get a view of the sunset from the island in Lake Victoria and enjoy the tilapia.

Lake Turkana –the cradle of mankind

Most of the time ignored but the Northern part of Kenya is one of the most unique scenes we have in the country. Take a road trip and enjoy the rich culture of the tribes that live there. If you are lucky you will find one of the festivals on going if not, visit the site in which Kamoya Kimeu dug out the skeleton of Homo Erectus. Proceed to one of the islands in the lake. The central desert island has been known to be quite popular as it is home to three crater lakes. Enjoy the view of flamingos on one lake, see the home to the tilapia fish on the second lake, and the third serves as the third largest Nile crocodile nursery. Enjoy the sunsets from the islands, try out sport fishing, take a journey through the Turkana, Gabra, Pokot and the other cultures and enjoy life from a different perspective.

Ol Pejeta conservancy

In between the Mount Kenya and Aberdare ranges exists the Ol Pejeta conservancy which is home to close to 1000 mammals. The conservancy has the fastest growing population of rhinos. It is the home to the last two northern white rhinos and houses about 80 of the endangered black rhino. A large number of the southern white rhinos can be found in the park as well. The park has the option of walks, game drives, horse rides, night safaris, and even camel rides. The conservancy has a rich history as it started out as a cattle ranch which over time was turned into a conservancy because elephants kept destroying the fence making it impossible to do ranching. Livestock however are still present in the conservancy as part of the integrated wildlife and livestock area. Among the previous owners are Lord Delamere and arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi among others. Visit the central highlands and before heading for the Mount Kenya hike pass by Ol Pejeta.

These are three ways and places you can enjoy the holidays. Do you have other places to suggest?




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