Why Voi real estate is still in its slumber:

  Voi the largest town in Taita Taveta county in southern Kenya, in the former coast province. On a normal day the central business district in voi town is a buzz of activities, cars, motorbikes and even people roaming around paints a picture of a busy town.

  Also voi being the main junction from Mombasa to Nairobi and vice versa, the town sits pretty well as a potential commercial hub due to its geographical area. The town which is also serves as the main link to Tanzania border which is Taveta, makes it easier for business activities between Kenya and Tanzania.

  However voi is still in stuttering growth. Being geographically, one would expect major robust development projects in voi but the town is still lacking behind compared to towns like Nakuru and Naivasha. This begs the question ” why is voi still in real estate slumber? “

  There is an argument that voi has witnessed a burst in property bubble but there is still a lot to happen to make it a frontier in the real estate industry in Kenya. Yes voi is not the same as it was a decade ago but the Same can be said in every town in Kenya. The truth is there is room for improvement. Actually the stakeholders need to buckle up to realise the town full potential. There are high rise buildings, construction projects booming all over the town and its outskirts but this is ordinary compared to what is happening in other towns. This does not make the town escape the title of being synonymous with the  dull nature it was known for.

  When a town like Naivasha is home o 5 star resort like Enishipai, Leleshwa holiday homes , The great rift valley lodge together with a golf course , voi  is still struggling with ordinary residential homes. One would say Naivasha and Nakuru were  way a head of voi but Wote town  in makueni county is a good example. Wote’s story is that of from rugs to riches. The town was known for its dusty nature and only donkeys were the main source of transport. Now it’s a whole different ball game     cause the town is gaining traction in the development arena boosting makueni glory. The town now has Eden shopping mall and there are many tangible infrastructure projects ongoing.

  Having said that  voi has huge potential considering the resources surrounding the town. First and foremost the national park could be used as a huge selling point to attract tourism investors who could boast the hospitality industry by putting up posh five star hotels and state of the art golf course.

 The county government has a challenge to pull in investors that would reclaim voi lost glory. It is buffling that supermarkets chains like Nakumatt, Tuskys and even Naivas don’t have a single store in voi.  This town is qualified to be home to shopping malls, five star hotels and even a world class stadium. In the town focuses its scope on average buildings then a town like Kakamega would be a city before voi wakes up from its slumber.

Frank Machila

Machila is a journalism student, a great thinker with a deep focus on socio-cultural ongoings especially in his home turf, county 006  and beyond. A critical writer and analyst of issues beyond just the superficial perspectives.

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